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Your purchase of $1,000 includes Pam AND a plan!


First, we will give you a quick training session to give you an overview of the rule and a better understanding of what you need to be compliant.  During this time we will also introduce you to our system and how to navigate the sections of our plan so that you are ready to begin.


Second, a transportation food safety binder that contains for each section of :

-The rule’s text;

-The rule’s purpose;

-Action ‘to do’s’;

-Homework assignments;

-A compliance ‘template’


Third, and most important, a real person (Pam) who will be available for questions and prepared to guide you throughout the process.


You will get two hours of Pam’s time included with your purchase so that you can start out prepared and end up finished with a complete custom STR compliance plan.  This means that your completed plan will be aligned with your current practices as well as your customers’ and the FDA’s expectations.  

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