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Our Process

After twenty years, we stand by our Five Phases Approach that has proven to be an invaluable tool in making every load successful. 

Step One: We verify all of our information such as pick up and delivery dates, product counts. Then, we assign a trusted carrier to transport your load.


Step Two: Next, we dispatch the driver with the information we just verified: pick up and delivery dates and numbers and the correct product counts, as well as the temperature that the product must ride at for the duration of the journey.


Step Three: The driver then picks up the load. In this step, the driver carefully monitors the entire loading process to make sure there is no damage done before the load leaves the dock. 


Step Four: Every morning we are in contact with the driver for location updates, which we then report to our customers. 


Step Five: Before delivery, we will inform the driver of any changes to the dispatch such as a new delivery number or appointment. Once the load is delivered, the driver will check the bill of lading to report any product shorts, damages, etc. 

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