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Do you have a written compliance plan?


If you are a carrier hauling fresh produce, you are now required to comply with the FDA’s FSMA Sanitary Transportation Rule (STR).  


While there are a few exceptions, this is something most carriers (and shippers, loaders, and receivers)  must do, and technically, should be already done.


Get your plan done!  It will give you two things we all want...Peace of mind and excellent customer service!


You won’t have to worry that the FDA/DOJ is going to ask you for your document that you don’t have ready, and

It will feel great when your customers know that you are compliantly handling their fresh produce.


Having a plan is not a choice, but how you develop and implement your plan is a choice:


1) Use our personal service to help you write a custom food safety plan for your company; or

2) Read the rule (78 pages worth of legal content) and find all the ‘free’ stuff on the internet, OR

3) Pay for other plans that merely restate the rule but don’t tell you how to comply.


Do you really have time to do it on your own?  Can you afford to put this huge responsibility on someone in your office who does not have have the expertise to navigate through a complex FDA regulation?


This is clearly not a simple task, but by following our straightforward, step-by-step path, your company will end up compliant and truly showcasing your company's best food safety practices.


Our guide includes all the STR sections that require your compliance.  Each part of our plan has actionable ‘to do’ items, including a homework assignment, that once done, will complete a compliance requirement for your company.


After 20 years of moving fresh produce, we have gained valuable expertise and experience in understanding particular food safety risks and critical preventative measures to handle those risks.  


We will work WITH you through to make sure you really know what is expected of you and how to be assured that your company is prepared to deal with a food safety audit relating to your transportation activities.  


Upcoming releases will include a closer look at best practices, how your company can improve at identifying risks, therefore implementing the best preventative measures, how to improve support for your drivers and dispatchers as they 'practice' food safety, and other very important and often ignored best practices related to temperature control, trailer cleanliness and sanitation, and how to manage difficult mixed loads.


Why wait? Start today and get this behind you.  Whether it is our plan or something else on the market, do not let your compliance to the STR go any longer!

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