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Don't Touch the Brakes!

This is a big day. Waking up at 5 AM, excited for sure, but knowing that all the ‘unknowables’ are going to make it an interesting day for sure. New customer, new lane, familiar carrier but new type of load. Hmmm...don’t touch the brakes. Go with the flow.

It sort of reminds me of riding downhill on my bike. My husband is getting more and more proud of my resolve to let go. I’ll never forget the first time I coasted (well, not exactly...more like crept) down Thorne Road outside Greenfield. By the time I got to the flat my legs were shaky and my heart was pounding away. My hand was almost numb from my white knuckled grip on my brakes.

Two weeks ago we rode up Carmel Valley Road. I have to laugh at myself, because the entire time that I am working up the hills, I know what I am getting into. Downhill. But I love getting out and seeing the wildlife, the vineyards bursting with grapes, and the scent of the earth, especially early in the morning, are all irresistable. And worth the ‘not my favorite parts’ of a bike ride. I want to go new places, see new things, spend time with my husband and see how far I can push myself. Or, let myself go.

So here I am, putting the transportation pieces together of a mixer. I haven’t been doing many of these because I do tend to want perfection, my way. I want to feel relaxed from dispatch to delivery, because then I feel in control. Not always easy to do on a mixer, especially with new people.

But here’s the problem. I know that this attitude towards trying new things in my business is keeping me ‘on the flat.’ Sometimes it’s good to just roll along on the easy road, but there is something inside of us all, no doubt to varying degrees, that just sort of begs to be pushed. Not only physically, but also in our work.

Going downhill has it’s risks. And the faster I go, it gets harder to manage the risks. Will I hit a pothole? What about an oncoming car? I may get a flat, I may forget which brake lever to pull and launch myself over the top! What if I can’t negotiate the turn? Squirrels

darting across the road in front of me! Omgosh, endless things that are certain to make me wreck. I am too old for this! I have kids going to college and riding horses….I have to work! If I crash, who knows how long I will be out of commission.

Seriously?! Don’t touch the brakes, and just let go.

So on the mixer today? Who knows. Yeah, I may make appointments that get missed and need to be rescheduled. We may have to wait for product. Someone may decide to take their frustration out on me. The truck may have a flat, or the reefer may have a breakdown, yep, it could happen, sure enough. In fact, in sixteen years, I have had it all happen in one day on one load.

So, I guess it’s my choice, be safe and bored, or bold and do new things.

I made my decision, at least for today. I am getting to know new people, and I like them. I am going to a new destination, which means at some point I will get to travel to a new place to see where my trucks are going. I am working, how cool is that!

There is always tomorrow to stick to the flat. Today, it’s all downhill. I may touch the brakes, but I won’t ride them.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

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