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Happy Anniversary!

And hopefully many more to come…

This is the week! 18 years ago, after a bit of chaos, I came in and got to work. Only three children at that time, still renting a house, fresh out of the classroom, just passed the California Bar Exam, and here I was…

In some ways, lots of things have changed, and in any other ways, many things are still the same.


My office got a facelift, and it is beautiful. Two children off to college, two barely still at home. Some of our favorite trucking companies have closed, but new ones have stepped up to help us carry on. Lots of industry changes, which at face value may not be wonderful, but the opportunity and ability to make the changes are gifts. Aly was here, and then she wasn’t and now she is married with children too. Mom is gone, cell phones have replaced ‘mobiles’ (remember that??) and I actually loaded cherries for the first time this summer.

Woo Hoo!

Still the same?

I am still, if not more so, happily married. Dad is here and incredibly helpful in sorting through all the industry challenges that seem to pop up on a weekly basis. Aly may be busy with her family but still gives her trucks and customers her undivided attention. Drivers may have GPS and lots of other technological capabilities, but most still prefer a good old telephone call and definitely appreciate a real conversation. Rates? Oh, probably shouldn’t open that door...But speaking of doors, people still appreciate it when I walk through an open door to meet them personally, instead of relying only on an email. And honestly, this is still one of my most favorite things to do.

Which brings me to one last reflection on a great 18 years. In the big picture, we are still a small truck broker. We always have to pay attention, be present, and definitely stay relevant. But one thing we know and believe is what makes us better and different than many others:

Automation and technology will continue to improve and replace many inefficient ways of doing things. But people will always be people. They will have pain points that no amount of technology can cure, and they will appreciate genuine, authentic customer service that no automation can deliver like a real person.

Yes, our anniversary is happy, because of all of you who have been part of this company in one way or another, for a little bit or all of the past 18 years. We hope you stick around, because we can only get better!

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